Tiffany's son, "Cannon "~ Loved By Sheryl Wright ! Way to Go !





Yay ! Tongue out Tuesday !!





Beautiful Ch Noah & Ch Justin ~~~ Happy 4th Of July !

Loved & owned by Bingham Family



Annie Completed her CGC( Canine Good Citizen ) Feb 2015 !!

Annie is now Certified Pet Therapy Dog April 2015 !!!

 Congratulations to Shannon Cole Reed & Annie !!

Way to Go Annie & Shannon !!!



Annie with her Ribbons !!!! Way to go !




August 4, 2014

             ~~~Ch Noah's 12 yr Birthday party celebration !~~~

Loved by Bingham Family



      Champion Justin's 6 yr Bday Party March 2015 !!

Loved By The Bingham Family !


Received this nice note Feb 2014


Little Leo earned his Master Agility Excellent titles in both Standard and Jumpers with Weaves classes recently and we are working on his MACH.  He is just the best boy ever!  Such a snuggler, loves to go places (even comes to night time music rehearsals at school), enjoys his agility and is generally just happy all the time.  He is also quite beautiful all grown up.  Marilyn.

WAY TO GO LEO & MARILYN !!!!!!!!!!!



Rebel & Merlin sitting Pretty !

Loved by William's Family



Bluebonnett Fun 2014 With Fancy & Cupcake !!   



Training fun with Fancy


HAPPY Greetings from Suzanne, Palmer & Cooper Blanton !




                                                                  Lexi & Brigi

Holiday Greetings from the Creech Family !





Champion Starlight Just In Time "Justin" ~ Harvest Day Fun !



*** FUN FUN FUN **

!!! Champion Karlie's 3 Yr Birthday Party Celebration !!!




We Love Receiving Photos & Notes from Our Starlight Families !



Below is a Wonderful note from the Blantons:

We took Palmer & Cooper to Ennis, Texas & Palmer, Texas, last Sunday, on the 2013 Texas Bluebonnet Trail so we could take their pictures in the bluebonnets.
They were the "stars" of the Bluebonnet Trail and they received so much attention. We had several people with kids take their kids' pictures with them. They like kids and are used to getting attention from our neighborhood kids. . Their training really paid off,as they were well behaved, even in the midst of all the attention, numerous pictures and the loud Harley motorcycles that were on the Trail.

As you can tell, we are very proud of them.

As always, I go back to the great foundation you gave them.

They have been great puppies since the day we got them.

Please keep in touch!

Suzanne Blanton



The Blanton boys Birthday !



Below is a nice note & cute photos courtesy of the Sears Family :

They LOVE each other so much. We are always so grateful that God brought you into our lives!!

Thank you Starlight :)

Sonia Schlegel Sears



                             ~ Best Buddies ~ Pebbles & Frisco


Below is a Wonderful Note we received from Vickie Robinson :

Cute pic Of Bailey & Bodie. So sweet, smart, and loving. It speaks volumes of the type of breeders that you and Filiberto are. You can tell how much you love your Shelties and the time you take to do things right. Here is a photo of Bodie and Bailey. Everyone that sees and meets Bodie and Bailey immediately comment on the excellent quality Shelties they are and ask where I got them.

Thank you again for the very special people and breeders of Shelties that you are.

~Vickie Robinson ~


~~~~~Bailey & Bodie~~~~~~~~


~~~~Brotherly Love ~~~

Harley & Diesel

Loved by the Hoagland Family


~ Enjoy Our  Starlight Fun Photos & Wall 0f Fame  ~


Way to go Cannon & Sheryl !!!

Congratulations To Sheryl Wright & Cannon on obtaining their Rally Novice Title  Oct 7th , 2012 !!

 It's now Starlight's Sure Shot RA, RN !!!   

Cannon now has his Rally Advanced Title, awarded on Jan 27,2014!


Penelope loving agility !!!

Loved by Angela & Curtis Klotz


Starlight's Lover Boy, CGC  (Leo's Baby Pic )

We are so Proud Of Marilyn & Leo ! Way To Go !

Agility Video Below

Saturday, August 4, 2012 7:18 PM Leo's debut weekend! What a good boy!

Wonderful Note we got from Marilyn below:

Today is Leo's 2nd birthday! I can't believe how fast the time went, yet I can't even remember life without him. He's such a big part of the family.

This weekend he celebrated his new "big boy" status by going 4 for 4 in AKC. Qualified in STD and JWW on both trial days with 3 seconds and a first. Best part? He's so happy and has so much fun!

What a wonderful journey we are having!

Marylin & Leo



Way to Go Hunter, Jr. & Fancher Family !

Completed Advanced Obedience Classes

& Obtained his CGC Title !


Creech Family's Frisbee day !!!





                                    Beautiful Bailey~ Loved by Vickie Robinson ~

                           Growing up nicely !



 Creech Family's , Lexi's 4yr old Birthday Party !!!!!


! Starlight Family, Friends & Special Memories !

We Love Receiving Photos from Our Starlight Families !

If you have a Starlight Sheltie & would like to share Fun family photos,

Agility, Obedience, Conformation,Therapy work,CGC photos with us, we would be delighted to post them !


Puppy Love !!!!


~~~~All you Need Is Love ~~~~




                                                  Wellman Famiily with their beautiful companion, JACK !




Starlight Puppy Photos~



fun puppy photo at the Park

Bailey, BISS Ch Casey, Banderas




Toy Time at Starlight !!  Fun !!



Justin as a puppy




Presley Loved by the Rabuck Family !


 Lovely Lady Loved by the Gomez family ! Lady completed puppy classes !

Way to go Gomez family !


Mulligan Loved by the Saxe Family.

Congrats to Mulligan getting his CGC in Dec ! Way to Go !



Stephanie & Prince ~ Trial win photo

Way to go !


I am

sending yo                       day. She is doing so well and is such a devoted and

Here is a Wonderful Note We Received from the Jorgensen Family :

Keena is doing great and loves to play fetch and retrieve. Most of all, she is my little companion and dear friend who never leaves my side.

I should have named her shadow. Here is a photo I took today on her birthday at one year. We are celebrating by going to the beach as a family and Keena will get her own hot dog for a treat. She goes everywhere with us and loves to hike and camp in the hill country.

She is a wonderful addition to our family and it is hard to imagine life without her.

Hope all is well!

The Jorgensen Family




                                                    Prince completed his puppy classes !

                                                          !!! Way to go Gomez Family !!!





                                                Happy Holidays from Carmen & Buster !!!!




We Love Receiving photos from Our Starlight Families Elsewhere !


Leo & Marilyn

Congrats to Marilyn & Leo for completing Pre Agility Two !!

Way to go !




                            Brigitte ~ Loved by the Creech Family                                       Bailey ~ Loved by the Langford Family




Kayla getting to meet Dusty Hill of ZZ Top !                                          Piper Loved by Yates Family

Kayla loved by Grayson Family


Nico Completing Basic Obedience Training ! Way to go Wilson Family !






Champion Justin as a Baby~ Having Fun !




                                                                                                                                                                                          Brigitte Creech playing Frisbee

                                                                                             yay !!




                                                    Lillie Belle Loved By Zarella Family





Cathy & Casper completing Basic Agility ! Way To Go !





Roxey getting her CGC ! Way to go Miller Family !







             Brigitte & Lexi Having Frisbee Fun in the Snow......Home Sweet Home by the fire !

Loved By The Creech Family






                           Fun Fun Fun                                                            PARTY Time !!!!!



  ~  Pebbles & Frisco~ Happy Halloween  !

~~~Loved by the Sears Family ~~




                                               Cooper & Palmer ~ Happy Halloween !                                                            

Loved by the Blanton Family





                         Our niece & nephew,Clara & Henry helping socialize the puppies







Companion Nikon




                                                                                Autumn & Willow Owned By Barbara Moore

Both Starlight Girls are Certified Therapy Dogs, Visiting Uncle Troy  !

Way to go Barbara !!!!





Lady Sasha Loved by Gomez Family

Happy Holidays !


Sweet Dreams !!!!

Gaul Family's companion, Sophie

~~~Shhh~ Siesta Time !!~~~


Dusty Wheaton playing ball ~~~~



                                                          Handsome Conrad in his Happy Home !


It's All Good !

Darling Sophie loved by the Byrom's


Summer Loves the Pool ! Yes Some Shelties Love Water !


Foley Family's ' Frisco" ~ nap time



                                                     ~~~  We Love Photography! ~~~

                                    ~~~  Below are some Photos taken by Starlight ! ~~~

BISS Champion Starlight's Case In Point " Casey "

Yay ! Look for Casey In the 2013 Keynote Sheltie Calendar !



                                                    Starlight Fun Photo ~Fun Day at the Park !!



  ~ Starlight Semperfi ~"Gibbs" having Fun ~





Beautiful Cash Son, " Flash " Owned by Brittany



If you can't have fun, what's the point ? "Cannon "

Loved & Owned By Sheryl Wright




Filiberto w/ Starla



Starlight Promises In The Dark " Promise "



 Champion Megumi with Filiberto


~~~~~~~~~~~  Starlight Summer Skye says Goodnight Folks ! Loved By Wilson Family ~~~~~~~~~~



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